Conservatives Don’t Hate Us As Much As Labour

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The Conservatives are trying to win the votes of car drivers by proposing a series of initiatives they hope will make them more appealing than the current bunch of muppets Labour government.

No More Speed Cameras

According to Theresa Villiers, the shadow Transport secretary, the first thing to go will be any plans for new speed cameras. That includes the rollout of average speed camera networks that have become increasingly popular with cash-strapped councils.

Instead police and councils will have to find other methods of slowing down drivers. Local councils will be able to test their own traffic schemes, but it remains to be seen what those schemes will be and how car-friendly they are.

Assuming the conservatives make it into government there are also promises of new laws to stop motorways from being closed after minor incidents, a campaign to target rogue wheel-clampers and, in an effort to improve traffic flow, traffic lights that stay red for too long will have their phasing changed.

Rumours that Jeremy Clarkson will become the Conservatives’ new Environment Minister are, as yet, unfounded.

Source: Autocar

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