Stig Morse Code – Episode 7

by | Dec 14, 2008 | TV | 0 comments

Some say he doesn’t like to get his helmet wet, but he does like to talk to us through a series of dots and dashes. Yes, there was more Morse code from the Stig in tonight’s Top Gear. So what was he trying to tell us?

Firstly, “I LIKE GARY NEWMAN”. Could it be that the Stig can’t spell? Is he talking of Gary Numan, the singer and musician who wrote popular 1979 track Cars?

That was followed by “THAT PORK TASTED FUNNY”. Surely the Stig wouldn’t have sampled James’ pork sword (snigger!). I wonder if he had a go with Richard’s wizard’s sleeve as well?

Check out the other morse code transmissions from the Stig.

Top Gear Stig Mug

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