Desert Nemesis – Nissan Juke-R

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The Nissan Juke-R, originally planned to be nothing more than an elaborately engineered publicity machine, is now set to go into limited production.

Nissan Juke-R Desert Nemesis

The Desert Nemesis meets its rivals

What started off as a carefully managed PR exercise has generated a huge amount of excitement in the automotive world, turning the Juke-R into a halo model that almost eclipses the GT-R on which it is based.

With a flood of appeals from car enthusiasts begging Nissan to build it and three people ready to put down a deposit, Nissan have decided to build a small number of Juke-Rs. The price is yet to be decided but is expected to be upwards of £125,000. Not exactly small change and at that price it’s going to be a very rare beast.

The original Juke-R was based on the running gear of the 2010 GT-R, but with the new improved 2012 GT-R on sale Nissan have decided to use that as the donor for production. The result is that the production-spec Juke-R will have even more power from the 3.8-litre engine, 545bhp in total, allowing it to reach 160mph flat out.

Just as Nissan announce that the Juke-R is to go into production, they have also released a special mini-movie starring the car itself. Titled ‘Desert Nemesis‘ and filmed in Dubai, it pitches the Juke-R against a fleet of supercars owned by Salah Salahuddin.

Nissan Juke-R Desert Nemesis

Mercedes SLS, Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari 458 wait for the challenger

In the film the Juke-R is driven by Spaniard Lucas Ordonez, no stranger to Nissans after he became a professional racing driver thanks to Nissan’s GT Academy competition. From Gran Turismo on the Playstation he went no to race a Nissan 350Z at last year’s Le Mans, where he finished second in class.

Here we see the gamer-turned-professional racer taking on a selection of iconic supercars on the roads of Dubai’s exclusive International Marina Club. No prizes for guessing the winner, but sit back and enjoy watching the Juke-R in action.


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