Faster Fiesta Metal Special Edition

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Ford’s Fiesta range gets a new performance model in the shape of the Fiesta Metal, a limited run of 1,000 cars.

Ford Fiesta Metal

Borrowing the 133 bhp 1.6-litre petrol engine from the earlier S1600 special edition, the Metal represents the fastest Fiesta you can buy until the ST arrives in the new year. The engine is a lightly tuned version of that in the Zetec S, with a little more power in the higher reaches of the rev range but with a better spread of torque. 0-62mph takes 8.7 seconds.

Spec-wise the Fiesta Metal starts off as a Zetec-S and adds some silver highlights at the front, chrome twin exhaust pipes and a set of black 17-inch alloy wheels. The ride height is lowered and the suspension given some tuning to sharpen up the handling.

On the inside you will find some of the not-so-shiny plastic trim replaced by very shiny plastic while black leather seats add a touch of luxury to the Fiesta’s cabin.

The Ford Fiesta Metal is available now in Panther Black, Midnight Sky and Frozen White and is priced at £15,695. The question is – would you spend that much on a Fiesta knowing there’s a better one coming along in a few months time?

Ford Fiesta Metal

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