Ford Celebrates Le Mans With Special Focus RS Liveries

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The French division of Ford have created some very special versions of the Ford Focus RS to celebrate their motorsport history at the Le Mans Classic.

Ford Focus RS Le Mans Classic

There are five liveries in total with only one Focus RS featuring each, making these very limited editions indeed (check out the video below). The plan is for the cars to be paraded around the Le Mans circuit with ‘VIP guests’ behind the wheel before the start of the Le Mans Classic race, after which they’ll go on sale and will be offered with exclusive accessories. They’ll also be supplied with a Le Mans Classic watch – a 3-dial automatic chronograph with large date display and sapphire background of which only 600 are to be produced.

Each car also features four fabulous Recaro seats that are wrapped in stitched leather and quilted Alcantara (very nice), each in contrasting colours meant to match the exteriors.  The theme is also carried through to the gearshift, hand brake and center arm rest while the front seats also get leather seat belts. Each car gets a number plaque to prove it’s a limited edition – each car will be number 1 of 1!

Some of the liveries will be more recognisable than others – could anyone mistake the orange and blue Gulf livery that used to adorn the GT40s that won Le Mans in ’68 and ’69? The others are more difficult – the black and silver striped car mimicks the Ford MkII that won in 1966 and the red and white-striped car celebrates the winning Ford Mk IV of 1967. The blue and white car is based on the Capri RS 2600 that won the Special Touring Category of 1972, while the white with blue/red stripes is based on the 1967 MkII that was raced by the Ecurie Ford France team.

This year’s Le Mans Classic will be held between 9th and 11th July.

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