Top Gear Uses Youtube Clip For Trailer

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Remember the video posted recently where some excitable parents filmed the Top Gear crew out on the open road? Well, the BBC have taken that clip and turned it into the offical trailer for the new series of Top Gear that starts this Sunday.

Top Gear Season 15 Trailer

The latest series is expected to have a slightly more serious tone. In an interview with the Radio Times, James May commented on the sillier stunts that have gradually become a bigger part of the show and attracted a fair amount of criticism.

“The keen observer will see a subtle change this series, a slight retreat from the Last of the Summer Wine tomfoolery. It’s easy to get carried away – it’s like drinking, you start to believe you’re funny and other people might not,” May told the Radio Times.

“I don’t think anybody would say a TV programme has got too big – everybody wants their programme to be the biggest in the world. But it opens you to accusations of dumbing down, all that sort of stuff. It possibly makes it more difficult.”

So hopefully that means less cocking about and more pieces about proper cars, races and inspirational road trips. Stuff like the ‘greatest roads’ film with the Gallardo Superleggera, 911 GT3 vs Aston racer – that still remains one of my all time favourite Top Gear films.

Oh, and some shock news – the Chevrolet Lacetti Resonably Priced Car has been retired!

Enjoy the trailer below, and after you’ve watched it don’t forget to set the video for 8.00pm on Sunday (the 27th June).

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