Golf R45 With 400BHP And AWD? It Could Happen!

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If the Mk6 Golf GTI has left you slightly underwhelmed with its 207bhp, then you might be interested in hearing about Volkswagen’s current thinking on a hot Golf.

Volkswagen Golf R20T Testing

While the Mk5 R32 was killed off thanks to emissions laws it would appear that a super-Golf is not out of the picture. In fact, if recent rumours are correct the German hatch could soon be sitting at the top of the power charts. Volkswagen have realised that there is still a market for the power-hungry hot hatch buyer, as proven by the runaway success of the 200bhp Ford Focus RS and the upcoming Renaultsport Megane with 250bhp.

There have been plenty of spy shots recently of a Golf test mule been pounding the corners of the Nurburgring with a 2.0-litre turbo under the bonnet, originally borrowed from the Audi S3. However, in a move that will upstage the S3, Volkswagen have introduced bi-turbo technology to push the the Golf R20’s power output up from the standard 265bhp to around the 300bhp mark.

Volkswagen are also believed to be testing an all-wheel-drive Golf powered by Audi’s new 2.5 liter, turbocharged 5-cylinder engine that was introduced in the new TT-RS, boasting a healthy 340 hp and 450 Nm. If it makes it into production the model would be dubbed R45 and, according to Germin publication, even that powerplant may be boosted as high as 390 hp.

Don’t expect the Golf R20T to upstage Audi for long – there’s an Rs3 variant in the pipeline that will have even more power.

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