Video: Beware Of Bikers In Your Bathroom

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Volkswagen are rolling out more and more safety technology into their cars but like many other manufacturers they face the problem of how to explain it to buyers. Safety technology isn’t always the sexiest of things to sell and sometimes it can be downright boring to explain.

Volkswagen Side Assist Advert
Volkswagen uses spooky ads to demonstrate Side Assist

So it’s good to see that Volkswagen are having fun. One of their earlier adverts showed the problems that car-jackers face with emergency braking systems and that’s been followed up a series of new videos for their Side Assist Technology.

What Side Assist aims to do is tell you when there’s another vehicle lurking in the blind spot that your side mirrors don’t cover. Volkswagen could have demonstrated this with a video of the mayhem caused when one driver pulls into another on the motorway but they’ve have taken a more light hearted and memorable approach.

The message is simple – “Beware of the biker that comes out of nowhere” – but it perfectly illustrates the benefits of blind-spot detection. You can probably guess what’s going to happen in these other videos.

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