Goodwood 2011 Hoonigan Award Goes To…

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The Goodwood Festival Of Speed is little more than a huge playground to Ken Block. Big crowds, fast cars – it’s the sort of arena that Block loves.

Fortunately this year he had both his Gymkhana III and WRC Fiestas to hand and as ever he was willing to put on a bit of a show for the crowds. There was also the small matter of defending his 2010 Goodwood hoonigan award!

To start off with he could be found running passenger rides on this year’s special rally stage in his Fiesta RS WRC, but it didn’t take long for his Monster-branded Gymkhana III Fiesta to appear on the Goodwood hill. Cue the tyre smoke…

Not sure what Lord March’s gardeners will think about the damage to the Goodwood lawns!

Were you living under a rock when Gymkhana III was released? Check it out here.

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