Ken Block’s New H.F.H.V. Ready For Gymkhana 4

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Ken Block is getting ready for Gymkhana 4 (due to hit the interwebs on August 16th) and he’s using a new car – the Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle.

Ken Block H.F.H.V.

Block’s aim is to make one car that is capable of competing and winning in stage rallying, rallycross and gymkhana events. Based on the platform of his current Fiesta WRC, the H.F.H.V. features a more powerful 2.0-litre tubrocharged engine capable of up to 600bhp and 665 lb/ft of torque.

The Fiesta (if it can still be called a Fiesta) keeps some of the features from the WRC machine including four-wheel drive, a six-speed sequential gearbox, Garrett turbocharger and dual-core intercooler. To ensure that Block has a serious chance of winning in all three disciplines the Fiesta then undergoes a quick transformation to meet the different requirements and regulations.

For Rallycross events the Fiesta uses 355mm Brembo WRC-spec discs with 4-pot calipers. Reiger WRC-spec suspension is fitted along with a set of Pirelli Rallycross tyres. There is also a 44mm restrictor fitted to the turbocharger to meet regulations.

For Gymkhana events the dampers are changed and the ride height and spring rates are adjusted. The tyres are swapped for Pirelli Trofeos while the gear ratios are shortened for better acceleration. The turbo restrictor can be removed to let the engine breath more easily.

Finally there is Rally mode. The radiator is moved from the rear to the front to improve cooling and the engine map is adjusted to run with the compulsory 34mm restrictor. The dampers are swapped again with the necessary adjustments to ride height and springs and Pirelli P-Zero rally tyres are wrapped around Oz gravel-spec wheels, behind which sit 300mm brake discs. Finally the Fiesta gets a set of working headlights to ensure that it is road legal, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to compete.

Want to see the split-personality Fiesta in action? Watch the video below:

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