GPS Speed Camera Detectors

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If you’re worried about  losing your driving license through one of the many speed cameras tucked away at the side of the road, you may want to invest in a GPS speed camera detector.

Speed Cameras

Working in a similar way to satellite navigation systems, GPS speed camera detectors use a database of known camera positions to tell you when you are about to approach a camera. Using GPS technology the detector knows where you are and, in most detectors, in which direction you’re travelling and will then work out whether you are about to encounter a known speed camera.

The camera detector will work out the speed at which you are travelling and then compare that with the speed limit recorded in the database for that camera. If you are exceeding the speed limit the detector will warn you with a combination of audio and/or visual alerts until your speed drops back within the limit.

GPS speed camera detectors can warn you of all known fixed and mobile speed cameras, and include the digital SPECS systems and infrared Truvelo cameras, both of which cannot be detected by radar or laser-based detectors.

The disadvantage of a GPS speed camera detactor is that it is only as good as the data it is using. This means you have to constantly keep your detector up to date by downloading the latest GPS data, and you’ll have to pay a fee (usually a monthly subscription) to access those updates.

Prices for GPS speed camera detectors vary wildly, starting as low as £40 for a very basic system with no display up to around £300 for the most sophisticated systems, usually included with a navigation system. Popular brand names include Road Angel, Talex, Snooper and Inforad.

Shopping For GPS Speed Camera Detectors

If you’re looking for a cheap GPS speed camera detector then you can shop online at somewhere like Amazon for a healthy discount, or try second-hand on Ebay. Alternatively you could try buy from a high-street store like Halfords, who will allow you to reserve the item online and then have a look at it in-store. If you like it you can buy it, if not just walk away without paying a penny.

To give you an idea what to look for, you could consider one of the following camera detectors:


Inforad K1 GPS Speed Camera DetectorVery small (slightly bigger than a USB memory stick) and comes with FREE lifetime updates. The Inforad K1 gives both audio and visual alerts when you’re approaching a speed camera site, red light camera or accident blackspot. It doesn’t require power cables as it runs from a rechargeable battery, so can be positioned almost anywhere in your car. Downsides are the 3-hour battery life (it can be plugged into a lighter socket) and the lack of speed limit display.

Novus Piccolo

Novus Piccolo GPS Speed Camera DetectorThe Novus Piccolo is another compact camera detector. It picks up fixed and mobile camera sites, red light cameras, accident blackspots and even congestion charging zones. It uses a combination of voice warnings and LEDS – green means you’re within the limit, up to 5 reds mean you’re going too fast. The Novus Piccolo also includes FREE lifetime updates.

Snooper Sapphire

Snooper Sapphire GPS Speed Camera DetectorThe Snooper Sapphire is a stylish detector that is designed to be mounted on your dash or window, where the 1.7-inch LCD display can inform you of  upcoming cameras. Colour visual alerts tell you of the camera type, speed limit and distance, and just in case you miss those clues there are voice alerts too. However, you’ll have to pay a subscription to be able to download the camera database before you can use it.

Road Angel Professional

Road Angel Professional GPS Speed Camera DetectorThe Road Angel Professional isn’t cheap but it is packed with features and has a fantastic full-colour display that can be customised to your taste. Visual, spoken and audible alerts warn you of known fixed, mobile and average-speed  cameras, accident blackspots, schools, congestion charges, railway crossings and Elvis sightings (OK, maybe not Elvis) while laser detection will cover your back if the database isn’t bang up to date. The Road Angel Professional even includes a remote control so you don’t have to reach across to press buttons. It can work for 8 hours on battery power or be plugged in for continuous use. You get six months of updates for free, after which you have to pay a subscription. The Road Angel may be pricey, but it is an excellent GPS speed camera detector.

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