Save Your License With The RoadPilot MicroGo

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I recently got to try out a Roadpilot MicroGo and I have to say, it’s certainly small!

RoadPilot MicroGo Camera Detector

Roadpilot claim that it’s the world’s smallest GPS speed camera warning system, and having seen one I don’t think I’d argue with them. It’s barely bigger than the sucker that holds it to the windscreen, yet despite its tiny dimensions it’s got all of the features you’d require of a speed camera detector.

Auto Express Commended 2009Using GPS and Roadpilot’s database of cameras and accident blackspots, the MicroGo tracks your progress and then gives both an audible and visual warning as you approach a speed camera or accident blackspot. The display tells you the speed limit of the road as well as your current speed, and advises you to slow down if you’re over the limit.

You also get a countdown to the camera, as well as an indication as to what type it is (Gatso, Truvelo etc.) It’s also clever enough to detect which direction you’re travelling in and only warn you about cameras that are looking at your side of the road.

The MicroGo will warn you of any of the following:

  • Gatso
  • Specs
  • Truvelo
  • TSS/DS2
  • Trafipax
  • Accident blackspots
  • Congestion Charges
  • Tolls

It’s a piece of cake to use – just plug the lead into your lighter socket and it’s ready to go. You can even change the colour of the display to fit in better with your car’s instruments!

The MicroGo comes with a pre-loaded set of data for the UK and Europe. However, as with all of these types of camera detectors the MicroGo is only as good as the data in its memory, so you need to make sure you download regular updates from the internet.

For the first 6 months you can access the RoadPilot database for free but after that you’re going to have to pay. It’ll cost you £49.95 for a full year’s access, which isn’t cheap, but without it your little friend will become less reliable as time goes by.

Price £45 (see below)
Pros compact size, easy to use, very effective
Cons expensive updates

The RoadPilot MicroGo is an extremely usefool little device that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Cameras and troublespots are identified, you don’t get false alarms when travelling in the opposite direction, and the information on the screen is simple and easy to understand.

I can definitely recommend getting one, but a word of advice – don’t buy one from the RoadPilot website! They might claim to have knocked £20 off the price (from £99 to £79) but if you go to Amazon you can pick one up for just £45 (excluding delivery).

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