Heico Sportiv Volvo V40 T5 HPC

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Volvo really brightened up their range when they introduced the bold Rebel Blue to the colours list, but even they might think twice about adding this ‘Toxic Green’ shade.

Heico Sportiv Volvo V40 T5 HPC

Heico Sportiv Volvo V40 T5 HPC

Tuners Heico Sportiv have used the matt green wrap on their latest project, based on the Volvo V40 T5. The vinyl wrap covers the Volvo’s curves as well as the new bodykit that Heico Sportiv have designed. It’s matched by an interior that features Reacro seats, alcantara wrapped handbrake and gearstick that all use matching green stitching.

It’s under the bonnet that Heico Sportiv have really gone to town. Dubbed the V40 T5 HPC, it has 96bhp and 150Nm more than the standard Volvo V40 T5 for a total of 350bhp and 510Nm. The big increases come from a new turbocharger, charge-air system, intercooler and water/ethanol injection system, with a sports exhaust to liberate a few extra bhp and make the 5-cylinder T5 sound so much better. The enhancements are claimed to drop the 0-62mph time to 5.6 seconds and increase top speed to 164mph.

Behind the 19-inch wheels Heico Sportiv have fitted 6-piston calipers with 370mm perforated discs at the front, while the ride is lowered by 30 mm thanks to a new suspension setup.

It looks like Volvo’s in-house tuners, Polestar, have got a big target to chase with their own version of the V40 T5.

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