JMS Restyle The Ford Focus

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German tuners JMS Racelook have been working on a pair of bodykits for the Ford Focus, following its 2008 facelift. Now they have a pair of kits, one for the standard Focus and one for the Focus ST.

In the pictures, the silver car is a standard Focus fitted with a new front spoiler lip, side skirts and a rear apron. It also has a new 4-pipe Stoffler Autotechnik 4-Pipe high-grade steel exhaust system.

The white car is a Focus ST fitted with a front spoiler lip and rear apron with diffuser. The exhaust has been upgraded with Stoffler Autotechnik Duplex system that is said to liberate another 5-8bhp from the ST’s 2.5-litre 5-cylinder engine.

The ST also has some RS-inspired decoration on the front wings, available in black or carbon-effect. These can also be fitted to the standard Focus, although in my eyes that’s stretching things a bit far. It’s like sticking V6 badges on the back when you’ve only got the standard 4-cylinders under the bonnet i.e. lame!

Both cars are fitted with H&R springs (181 euros) that lower the front by 40mm and the rear by 35mm. The wheels are Tomason TN6 8.5×19 wheels wrapped in 225/35 tyres and are available for 1599 euros.

The Ford Focus Facelift Aerodynamic Package consists of :

  • Front spoiler lip (249 euro)
  • Side skirts (299 euro)
  • Rear apron (299 euro)
  • Stoffler Autotechnik 4-pipe high-grade steel exhaust system (970 euro)

The Ford Focus ST Facelift Aerodynamic Package includes:

  • Front spoiler lip (249 euro)
  • Rear apron with diffuser (299 euro)
  • Wing design corners in Focus RS style, available in carbon or black (149,00 euro)
  • Stoffler Autotechnik Duplex high-grade steel exhaust system (+5-8 HP) with tips 1×100mm (1079.00 euro)

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