K-Tec Racing Performance Pack For Renaultsport Megane 265

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The limited edition Renaultsport Megane 265 Trophy, released earlier this year, was an upgraded version of the Megane 250 that came with a 15 bhp power hike. That may have been enough for some people but, on the principle of ‘you can never have too much power’, the team at K-Tec Racing have been working on an upgrade.

K-Tec Renaultsport Megane Trophy 265

K-Tec have developed a new Performance Pack for Renaultsport Megane Trophy 265

Their new Performance Pack 1 extracts even more power from the 2.0-litre turbocharged F4RT block fitted to the Megane. The upgrade offers power gains from 2000 rpm right up to the 6700 rpm limiter with a peak increase of up to 40 bhp at 6000 rpm. Torque is up too, with an extra 60 lb.ft available at just 2750 rpm.

Performance figures haven’t been released but seeing as the standard Megane 265 Trophy can hit 60mph in 6.0 seconds and reach 158 flat out it’s reasonable to assume that a sub 6.0 second time and 160mph+ top speed are now on the cards.

The upgrade pack has been developed in-house over the last few months and been tested on K-Tec’s own rolling road. K-Tec are so confident in the results of their work that they’re offering a 12 month / 30,000 mile supplementary vehicle warranty.

During testing K-Tec discovered that the Megane 265’s air filter was strangling the supply of air needed to make the most of the extra horsepower, so they decided to replace it with a new element that freed up the air flow. That’s included as part of the upgrade.

So how much does it cost? For fitting, testing on the rolling road and with VAT you’ll have to pay £414.00, which doesn’t sound too bad at all. Alternatively, you can go for K-Tec’s ‘Renflash’ device. If you’re familiar with the Bluefin from rival Superchips you’ll know the drill here – a plug and play device fits into the diagnostic port in the dash, downloads the standard ECU map and then uploads the new modified map. You can then revert to the standard map whenever you feel like it. The Renflash version is available for £234.00 including VAT.

Need more info? Head on over to http://www.k-tecracing.com/.

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