Volkswagen Golf GTI Tuned By Wimmer RS

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If you’re the sort of person who thinks that 210bhp from a standard Golf GTI is pathetic and most tuners aren’t going far enough with around 240bhp, you might be interested in the work that Wimmer RS have done on the German hot hatch.

Wimmer RS Golf GTI

Wimmer RS haven’t cut corners and gone for a straightforward ECU upgrade. Yes, they do reprogram the engine’s brain, but on top of that they fit an optimised turbo, new air intake, sports catalyst and fuel pump to produce an awesome 386bhp and 332lb.ft of torque. As well as the engine upgrades Wimmer RS also fit a stronger clutch to cope with the extra forces.

With so much power on tap the Golf GTI’s top speed is increased to 166mph, but there’s no word on the new 0-60mph time.

Wimmer RS also offer a height-adjustable HR sports coilover suspension to improve the handling of the GTI, and alloy wheels can be added in 18, 19 or 20-inch diameters.

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