KBR Motorsport Takes On Chevrolet Spark

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The Chevrolet Spark is certainly not the first car I would think of modifying if I were running a tuning company. The roads are hardly teeming with Sparks but German tuner KBR Motorsport clearly think there are enough customers out there to justify the development of their own Spark.

KBR Motorsport Chevrolet Spark

KBR Motorsport’s version of the Chevrolet Spark

The changes are minor. Things start off with a set of matt black 17-inch Barracuda Voltex T6 rims wrapped in 185/35 tyres. Not massive by aftermarket standards but they seem to fill the Sparks arches very nicely indeed, helped by the H&R lowering springs that have also been fitted.

A wrapping company called CoverEFX have added some foil wrap to tidy up some of the styling and add stickers on the sills and KBR have removed the badges, wiper and lock on the boot lid for a smoother look.

KBR Motorsport Chevrolet Spark Rear

Spark’s rump gets a smoother look

The only mechanical change is to the exhaust. KBR have fitted their own silencer to the Spark to give it a bit more of a voice, but other than that the performance remains the same.

The black and white look might not be the most adventurous makeover (anyone else think it looks a bit like a Storm Trooper’s helmet?) but it does at least give the Spark a bit more street cred. The trouble is, that cred comes at a big price – 5,000 Euros, or roughly £,4000. That’s almost half the price of a brand new Spark!

KBR Motorsport Chevrolet Spark Wheels

17-inch Barracuda Voltec T6 rims fill the Spark’s arches

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