Novitec Fiat Panda Fills Gap Left By 100HP

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Ever since the new Fiat Panda was released I’ve been pining for a model to replace the amazing little 100HP. The Panda 100HP was a fantastic little machine that was bursting with energy and could bring a smile to even the most hardened cynic.

There are rumours of a replacement, possibly with a 100bhp version of the TwinAir engine, but no firm details have been revealed yet. But if you want to scratch that Panda itch you could always pay a trip to Novitec and build yourself a 100HP substitute.

Novitec Fiat Panda 2012

Novitec Fiat Panda

Novitec have designed a number of styling and performance mods that transform the standard Fiat Panda into something a little meaner. New spoilers front and rear remove some of the cuteness from its form, a spoiler adorns the rear hatch and 17-inch wheels can be fitted with either a silver or black finish. Finally there’s a new sports muffler and chromed tailpipe that can be added to the exhaust.

Of course, tittivating your Panda is one thing but you’re going to need more power to recreate the 100HP magic. Fortunately Novitec can deliver the goods with an ECU remap for the two-cylinder TwinAir engine. This lifts power from 85bhp to 99bhp, just short of the 100HP’s magic figure. The 0-62mph sprint drops to 10.1 seconds and top speed creeps up to 117mph. If diesel is more your thing the 1.3 MultiJet can be boosted to 91bhp.

The icing on the cake is a set of adjustable coilovers that can drop the Panda’s ride height from between 30 and 80mm. While it’s difficult to say if they transform the Panda into a proper driver’s car, they’ll go some way to livening up the handling. Alternatively a cheaper set of springs is available that lowers the car by 35mm.

Personally I’d take the ECU remap and coilovers and leave the looks as standard. Just perfect for catching other drivers by surprise when your Panda turns out to be a lot quicker than they expected.

Novitec Fiat Panda 2012 Rear

Big alloys, twin exhausts, spoiler, everything a junior hot hatch needs.

Prices range from €150 for the rear spoiler to €1,106 for the wheels. The trick is getting your hands on Novitec parts in the UK. Try Novitec Rosso to start with.

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