Ken Block Gymkhana 4

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The internet phenomenon that is Ken Block’s series of Gymkhana videos reaches another milestone as episode 4 hits YouTube and sends the internet into meltdown (2.2 million views in just 2 days).

This time the budget and production values are up (there are even opening and closing credits) but don’t worry, Block’s not starting to take himself too seriously as there’s plenty of humour mixed in amongstthe  tyre smoke. You might also notice the odd bit of product placement for DC Shoes gear, but a man’s got to make a living somehow.

In Gymkhana 4 we’re off to Universal Film Studios in California for some Fiesta-based hooning around some familiar film sets. Keep an eye out for an infamous motel, a plastic shark and a gorilla on a rocket-powered Segway. Yes, really.

Did you enjoy Gymkhana 4? Better than Gymkhana 3 or worse? Let us know below.

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