A V8 In A Twingo? Of Course It’ll Fit

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Squeezing powerful engines into small Renaults isn’t a new idea. Just look at the amazing Clio V6, with its 255bhp 6-cylinder in place of the rear seats, and the original wide-bodied Renault 5 Turbo that introduced a 115bhp turbocharged engine to the lightweight hatchback.

So what would you do with a Mk1 Twingo? Stick a turbo 2-litre under the bonnet? See if a V6 would fit? Or how about shoehorning a big V8 into the rear as crazy French tuners Auto Tuning Lazarus have done?

This monster Twingo features an old 3.5-litre Range Rover V8 that sits behind the front seats, powering the rear wheels through a 5-speed manual gearbox. Sadly the quoted output of the big lump is only 180bhp, so you have to wonder if Lazarus wouldn’t have been better with the 2-litre from the Clio 200.

Decked out in a bodykit that seems to make the old 5 Turbo look rather tame, the Lazareth Twingo Trophy (as they’ve called it) has 18-inch alloys wrapped in Yokohama slicks (230/650/18 at the front and 320/650/18 at the rear). Other cosmetics include a huge rear diffuser and matt grey exterior paint that make it look like some sort of stealth prototype. The wide body kit is needed to cover the wider front and rear tracks, while the suspension has been modified and brakes upgraded.

Lazarus have done some work on the interior too, fitting some MOMO alcantara bucket seats and a sports steering wheel. The best new feature is a centrally-mounted Translogic digital display that shows all sorts of useful info including speed, revs per minute, a shift light, and lap times.

The Lazareth Twingo Trophy V8 is intended to act as a (very effective) publicity machine, but if you are interested in one Lazarus have said they’ll make one for €70,000.

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