Mcchip Volkswagen Golf R Gains 45bhp

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With ‘only’ 267bhp the Volkswagen Golf R is a bit behind the times for a top-rank hot hatch, especially with the Ford Focus RS500 boasting 347bhp in standard trim. But if you’re a Golf fan and you’re feeling a bit of engine-envy then you could take a trip to Mcchip.

Mcchip Volkswagen Golf R

How does an additional 45bhp sound? The new Mcchip ECU remap frees up the extra power, taking the total to 313bhp with torque going up from 350Nm to 440Nm (an increase of over 25%). The cost of the upgrade is 899 euros and is said to be compatible with both the manual and DSG transmissions.

Although it’s only a remap, Mcchip have decked out their showcar with some of the extra modifications they offer, including a very nice set of set of black 19-inch OZ Ultraleggera rims wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tyres. The wheelarch-filling look is helped with a set of H&R lowering springs.

Mcchip Volkswagen Golf R

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