Video: Oettinger Golf R

by | May 16, 2014 | Tuners, Volkswagen | 0 comments

Oettinger, well known tuner of Volkswagen group motors, are wowing crowds at the 2014 Worthersee show with this, their take on the fastest production Golf yet.

Oettinger Golf R
Oettinger Golf R

After a series of mechanical modifications and ECU tweaks the Oettinger Golf R is now pushing out 389bhp and 396lb.ft, making it a second quicker to 62mph (now only 4.0 seconds) and capable of 174mph flat out on the Autobahn.

The black show car also bears Oettinger’s new styling kit. For those who think the standard Golf R is a bit too tame there’s a new front spoiler, rear diffuser and a double roof spoiler. Lightweight wheels are available in either 19 or 20-inch diameter, and there’s a set of racing brakes to improve the R’s stopping power.

If you think 389bhp is a bit too much but still want to see more from your R, Oettinger does offer two slightly lower levels of tune, with the standard 291bhp increased to either 350bhp or 369bhp.

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