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Whenever you’re reading about cars on the internet you tend to get a confusing mix of metric and imperial units, and sometimes that can result in some fairy misleading figures and comparisons.


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Now must of us will know the difference between miles and kilometres (miles being the correct unit of measure, of course) but can you differentiate between Pferdestärken and kilowatts? What about Newton-Metres versus good old foot-pounds of torque?

If you’re not sure whether 300hp is better than 300PS (it is, by the way) then try using this handy metric/imperial unit converter. You’ve got all you need to convert between the three units for power (horsepower (hp), Pferdestärken (PS) and kilowatts (kW)), torque (pound-feet (lb-ft) and Newton metres (Nm)), speed (miles per hour or kilometres per hour) and liquids (gallons and litres).


Horsepower to Kilowatts HP Kw
Kilowatts to Horsepower Kw HP
PS to Kilowatts PS Kw
Kilowatts to PS Kw PS
PS to Horsepower PS HP
Horsepower to PS HP PS


Nm to lb/ft Nm lb/ft
lb/ft to Nm lb/ft Nm


MPH to Km/h MPH Km/h
Km/h to MPH Km/h MPH


Imperial Gallons To Litres Gallons litres
Litres To Imperial Gallons Litres Gallons


Pounds to Kilograms Pounds Kilograms
Kilograms To Pounds Kilograms Pounds

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