MTM Volkswagen Golf VI GTD

by | Dec 2, 2009 | Tuners, Volkswagen | 0 comments

The new Volkswagen Golf GTD is a car that seems destined to be overshadowed by the more potent Golf GTI. It’s a great car but for hot hatch fans that diesel lump will never match the magic of a petrol engine, so it seems destined to be bought by just company car buyers.

But if German tuner Moteren Technik Mayer (MTM) has anything to do with it the Golf GTD will have a much more interesting image. Take the engine for a start – it’s hardly weedy with 170bhp in standard form, but with a bit of tuning from MTM the 2.0-litre diesel is now up to 205bhp. That’s just 5bhp less than the petrol GTI!

However, MTM haven’t stopped there. You can have the GTD sprayed in their own black paint, get a new four-pipe exhaust system fitted and then add 380×34mm Brembo brake discs, sport suspension and 19-inch Bimoto sport alloy rims to bring out some of the GTD’s sporty character.

Sadly there’s no word on how this affects the Golf GTD’s performance, but you can expect it to make a significant difference to the overtaking capabilities of this diesel hot hatch.

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