Speeding Motorists Pay Record Fines

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Any idea how much money was raised by speed cameras between 2008 and 2009? Well, thanks to the release of some goverment stats the total figure is now known to be a whopping £87m.

Gatso Speed Camera

At the same time the decline in casualties has reduced – we’re having fewer accidents than we were but the reduction in numbers is slower than it was before speed cameras were introduced in 1990. This all strengthens the argument that speed cameras are more about revenue than safety, and it’s particularly galling to learn how much is being taken from the motorist at a time when less money is being spent on keeping the roads in good repair.

Fortunately new transport minister Phillip Hammond has promised recently that no more speed cameras will be funded by central Government. The money for all new speed cameras must be taken from local council coffers making them more difficult to justify, although it means we’re stuck with the existing cameras for the time being as they continue to rake in the cash.

So which areas of the country are getting the most from their speed cameras? In 2008-2009 the top ten areas were:

  • London £6,265,860
  • Avon and Somerset £3,491,340
  • Mid and South Wales £2,915,340
  • Greater Manchester £2,876,280
  • Thames Valley £2,861,880
  • West Mercia £2,795,340
  • Nottinghamshire £2,380,980
  • Lancashire £2,238,960
  • Hertfordshire £2,168,280
  • Northumbria £2,130,000

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