Passenger Hotlap – VXR Track Day, Rockingham 2008

by | Jun 29, 2008 | Track Days, Vauxhall | 0 comments

Part of the Vauxhall VXR Track Day is the chance to enjoy a flying lap with a pro driver. This year at Rockingham it was an Astra VXR, being hurled around the Rockingham circuit by Paul O’Neill, who until recently raced Vauxhalls in the BTCC. The guys a nutcase, but in the best possible way!

What the video doesn’t really convey is the brutality of the braking and g-forces through the corners – at least that’s my excuse for the poor camera work. As far as road tests go it’s quite extreme, but I can confirm that the Astra’s brakes are powerful, the seatbelts work very well, and the sport seats keep lateral forces in check quite effectively.

A fantastic experience, and one that makes you realise that even though you think you’re good behind the wheel, you’re way off the mark when compared to blokes like Paul O’Neill.

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