25% Off Philips Xtreme Power Bulbs

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PowerBulbs are currently offering Philips Xtreme Power bulbs for just £19.99, a discount of over 25% on the most expensive H4 fitting. Auto Trader have voted them Car Accessory of the Year for 2008 and their Best Buy for two years running.

Philips Extreme

Philips Xtreme bulbs are great, I’ve fitted them to my Focus and they make a huge difference over the standard units. The light is much whiter than the standard bulbs, with a slight blueish tint, and the increase in illumination is huge. Both the width and length of the area covered by the headlights is increased, and while I haven’t done a detailed examination to check the claim of being 80% brighter it is obvious that the Philips Xtreme Power bulbs do a great job of illuminating gloomy country roads. The downside – you might get the occasional flash from oncoming traffic who think you’re still on full beam!

The service from Powerbulbs is top notch. I put my order in on a Monday morning and the bulbs arrived the next day, with no charge for delivery and also a free set of Philips Blue Vision sidelight bulbs. Fitting them all was easy and took about ten minutes.

If you want a cheap upgrade for your headlights then grab some Philips Xtreme bulbs while you can, as the offer is only available while stocks last. Because the Xtreme bulbs are over £15 you’ll automatically qualify for the free Blue Vision sidelight bulbs, and as I’ve already mentioned delivery is free (and that includes worldwide).

You can get Philips Xtreme Power bulbs in H4 and H7 fittings, but if you’re not sure what your car might need you can check it out using the search tool.

Philips X-Treme Power H4 Bulb

Philips X-Treme Power H4 Bulb

Philips X-Treme Power H7 Bulb

Philips X-Treme Power H7 Bulb


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