Philips Diamond Vision

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Wouldn’t it be great to give your car the look of xenon headlights for less than the price of a tank of petrol? With the new Philips Diamond Vision range you can now give your car a more stylish and distinctive look and all you have to do is swap your headlight bulbs.
Philips DiamondVision H7
The Diamond Vision bulbs are halogen bulbs that burn at 5000k. Typical halogen bulbs burn at just under 3000k, giving a yellow tint to the light. At around 4000k you start to get a bright white light, and as the bulb burns hotter you then start to get progressively more blue tint to the light.

Philips Diamond Vision Comparison

This gives Diamond Vision a bright white light with a subtle blue tint, giving your lights a distinctive appearance that is much closer to HID xenon lights than most other aftermarket bulbs. It also helps make your lights look a lot more upmarket than some of the cheaper ‘blue’ bulbs that look like the headlights have been coloured-in with a blue marker.

Philips Diamond Vision bulbs are available in in H1, H4 and H7 fittings. Because they are replacement bulbs you don’t need to worry about messing about with wiring or changing fuses, it’s a simple case of removing the old bulb and popping these in instead.

Legal matters: thanks to the excessive blue tint Philips Diamond Vision bulbs are not legal for road use in the UK, so are really only useful for show cars or off roaders. If you fit some of these and then get pulled by the police, please don’t say I didn’t warn you! If you’re after the brightest road-legal upgrades you should choose either Philips X-Treme Power or Osram Nightbreakers.

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