Raving Hypocrite Calls For Fuel Price Cuts

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Gordon Brown is suddenly the motorists’ best friend! He’s decided to start campaigning for beleaguered drivers by battling price discrepancies on UK forecourts and trying to stop OPEC pushing up oil prices.

Despite recent drops in fuel prices you will still find unleaded prices close to 120 pence/litre in some parts of the UK. At the same time, oil rich Saudis are worried about the drop in worldwide oil prices and have decided to call an emergency meeting of Opec this week to protect their wealth.

A Downing Street spokesman said that Mr Brown “has made clear that all institutions, including Opec, should act in the interests of global economic growth and stability at this challenging time for the world economy‚ĶArtificially increasing the oil price by reducing production will add to the difficulties faced by businesses and families across the world.”

Fighting for the rights of the motorist, the PM has decided to clamp down on the variation in UK fuel prices , stating “That must change. I think the public know that when oil prices go up it is reflected very closely in the pump price. They want to know when it comes down, it will be reflected equally.”

The problem here is that Gordon Brown seems to have forgotten that his tax regime is heavily responsible for the UK’s high prices due to the fuel duties that he so willingly pockets. The words “pot” and “kettle” spring to mind. If he’s really concerned about the price we pay at the pumps he could always drop the fuel duty. Oh, except he can’t, because the economy is broken.

There is some genuine good news as today Morrisons have announced another 2 pence drop in their fuel prices, after last week dropping unleaded to just under £1, so now you can get a litre of unleaded for just 97.9 pence/litre and diesel at 109.9 pence/litre.

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