Renaultsport Twingo 133 & Clio 200 Silverstone GP Editions

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Hot on the heels of their exciting new Megane 265 Trophy comes two new limited editions from Renaultsport. The Twingo 133 and Clio 200 Silverstone GP limited editions chuck in some extra goodies over the standard models and take up position at the top of their ranges.

Renaultsport Silverstone GP Editions

Priced at £14,995 and £19,995, the Silverstone GPs are available to order now. These really are limited editions though, as there will be just 50 of each model and are exclusive to the UK.

The Silverstone GP editions are identified by their silver paint and contrasting ‘Deep Black’ trim on the door and mirrors, as well as the 17-inch alloy wheels.Both get extra-tinted rear windows and, if you look closely enough, you’ll find the Silverstone GP badge on the B-pillars, complete with an outline of the new grand prix circuit map.

The Clio and Twingo do differ slightly. The Twingo gets a new ‘Deep Black’ rear spoiler and front fog light surrounds, as well as a rorty Renaultsport full stainless steel exhaust system. The Clio gets new Recaro seats, Bluetooth and Renault’s Tunepoint system for MP3 players.

On the inside both cars get a numbered plaque, as well as Renaultsport’s clever Monitor system that tracks performance figures such as acceleration, lap time and g-forces.

Anyone buying a Silverstone GP will get a free Renaultsport Experience on the Silverstone circuit, something that would normally sell for £175. Having been touted as the new hot hatchback, the Twingo is particularly agile, a feature most noticeable when taking corners and when the engine is going full out. But other than having fun, testing out the car on the circuit might just encourage you to do the insurance grunt work once you get home. With Aviva car insurance, you can even send a claim using their free iPhone app. Let’s forget the bumpy road ahead, your circuit experience will be the honeymoon period. This will allow you to really test your new car’s performance and handling and is a great way to get to know your new ride. More manufacturers should offer something like that!

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