First Ride In Ford Focus RS With Car Magazine

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As the February launch of the 2009 Ford Focus RS gets ever closer the pre-launch hype will start to build, and part of that will be the inevitable ‘first drives’ from every motoring publication. The first of the ‘we’re first to drive ride it’ articles would appear to be from Car magazine, who’ve kindly left their thoughts on the website.

They’ve been out for a passenger ride with Jost Capito, Ford’s newly promoted director of global performance vehicles and motorsports business development. The car tackled a series of poorly surfaced, cambered B roads in an attempt to see if it displayed the same unruly characteristics of the original 2002 Focus RS. First impressions sound good.

“The hot Focus’s power simply flows from almost idle speed to the 7000rpm redline.”

“The soundtrack this time is dominated by the louder exhaust and a surprisingly loud dump valve tisssssh.”

“This Focus seems to have retained the lairy edge we expect from the Blue Oval’s RS products, while curbing the psychotic characteristics of its predecessor.”

If this remains true when they get behind the wheel it sounds like the new Focus RS could be an even bigger hit than the original.

Source: Car Magazine

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