Return Of The Škoda Rapid

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The Rapid name is returning to Škoda showrooms before the end of 2012 as their new hatchback is confirmed as a production reality.

Skoda MissionL Concept

The new Skoda Rapid, formerly known as the MissionL concept

The resurrection of the Škoda Rapid has been confirmed at the Beijing motor show, where the above picture of the finalised version was released. If you think the Rapid looks familiar that’s probably because it was previously shown as the MissionL concept, originally shown at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Škoda Rapid will fill the gap between the compact Fabia hatchback and the much larger Octavia, placing it in a crowded sector against the likes of the Focus, Golf and A3. Fortunately the Rapid is a very smart design, almost saloon like, and it’s backed by the confidence of a Škoda network who are riding high on a tide of platitudes from satisfied customers.

The previous Škoda Rapid bears little resemblance to this new model. It was a coupe built in the 1980s and was one of the last old school Škodas before the Volkswagen group stepped in and turned things around. It is ‘rapidly’ (ba-dum-tish) becoming a collector’s item, partly due to the fact that there were only 50 examples still on the road at the end of 2011 (according to

Skoda Rapid 130 Coupe

Skoda Rapid 130 Coupe

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