SEAT Leon Cupra Widebody Kit From JE Design

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Personally I’ve never considered the SEAT Leon Cupra as being too narrow. Its proportions seem fine to me and its understated looks actually make it slightly more appealing to my simple tastes.

That’s not the case for JE Design though. They clearly think that what the Cupra needs is a little more girth to improve its road presence. Styling that’s more race car than road car. What they think it needs is a widebody kit.

JE Design SEAT Leon Cupra Widebody Kit
JE Design SEAT Leon Cupra Widebody Kit

The result is a Cupra that’s certain to turn heads. The flared arches, enlarged air scoops, quad exhausts and carbon-fibre effect diffuser  certainly attract attention. As does the price tag – 6,188 euros gets you the body kit (not including fitting and painting), and an extra 3,570 euros gets you the Graphite Matt wrap you see in the pictures here.

If you have a LED fetish and want to take things further than the standard Leon Cupra, you can also choose a Formula One-style, FIA-certified LED rain light. It’s built into the bumper and adds to the race car feel, but you won’t be able to impress other road users as it’s not street legal.

There are a few tuning mods too. An ECU remap takes the Cupra from 280PS and 380 Nm to 350PS and 440 Nm, dropping the 62 mph sprint from 5.7 to 5.4 seconds. There’s also a KW coilover suspension upgrade that’s compatible with the Cupra’s adaptive dampers.

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