Just Slow Down A Bit

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When it comes to motorsport there’s a simple rule – the faster, the better. Whether it’s bikes or cars, the fastest man wins.

Slow Motion Motorsports

But when everything is flying past at amazing speed it’s difficult to miss the finer points, to see the delicate balancing act of keeping a car in a perfect four-wheel drift, or hanging onto a wheelie on a superbike. Well, thanks to the latest video technology it’s possible to capture all of that and play it back in amazing slow motion.

Enjoy the following video, a compilation of slow motion video clips from motorsport through the world. It may be slow, but somehow that makes it all the more exciting to watch.

UPDATE – unfortunately Dorna Sports didn’t like the use of the Moto GP clips, but that hasn’t stopped Mattzel and he’s uploaded a new version of the video that includes some alternatives. He even had his account banned and is now using the account RacingInSlowMotion.

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