Stig’s Morse Code Messages Translated

by | Nov 8, 2008 | TV | 0 comments

If you watched the return of Top Gear to BBC2 last week, you will have heard the morse code messages that the Stig was listening to as he tested the gorgeous Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.

Stig vs. Gallardo
The mystery of Stig’s Morse Code is revealed below

While the Stig’s identity is only partially known we can at least understand his messages, as some Morse code boffins have translated the signals that were broadcast. The first states that “Strictly Come Dancing is crap”, an accurate description of a rival show that is broadcast on BBC1 at the same time as Top Gear. The second message simply says “I love cheese”.

Expect more messages throughout the series.

At least this takes some of the attention away from Clarkson’s daft “murdering prostitutes” comment about truckers.

Update: The Morse code for Episode 2 (9/11), Episode 5 (30/11) and Episode 7 (14/12) has been translated.

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