Subaru Axes Impreza WRX

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In a move that might alarm hot hatch fans, Subaru have decided to axe it’s slow-selling Impreza WRX.

STi Won't Be Axed

STi Won't Be Axed

However, it’s not quite as bad as it seems. It turns out that this is part of a move by Subaru to refocus it’s range on it’s best cars, and the Impreza WRX has had a series of lukewarm reviews and very little interest in the showroom.

Instead, Subaru are going to concentrate on selling the quicker and more popular Impreza STi. They will also be working with Prodrive to build more high-performance cars in the vein of the STi 330S.

With the new Impreza diesel now in the showrooms, Subaru are also waiting to see how it sells before looking at more powerful versions. A twin-turbo diesel is a possibility but Subaru wants to be sure there’s enough demand before adding it to the range.

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