The Force Is Strong In The Hamann Abarth 500

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If Darth Vader had been a member of Abarth’s design team then this is the sort of car they would have made, but it’s taken German tuner company Hamann to bring out the Dark Side of the Abarth 500.

Hamann Abarth 500 Largo

This is the Hamann Abarth 500 Largo and with 261bhp squeezed from the turbocharged 1.4-litre engine it comfortably beats Abarth’s own Esseesse tuning kit by almost 100bhp.

While 261bhp and front-wheel drive in something the size of a large matchbox may seem like a disaster waiting to happen, at least the Largo looks the part. A wider track, bigger wheels and suspension lowered by 60mm give the Largo a much more aggressive stance than the Abarth. Then throw in the bodykit, black paint and black wheels and you’ve got a perfect recipe for big attitude in a small car.

There’s no offical word on performance, but with the standard Abarth 500 capable of 0-60mph in 7.4 seconds you can expect the Hamann Largo to go supercar-worryingly quick away from the traffic lights.

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