Tij-Power’s SEAT Leon Cupra

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Tij-Power may not be a household name in the UK but in Germany they’ve developed quite a reputation for creating fast SEATs, with rapid Leons being a particular speciality. So it was only a question of time until they’d turned their full attention to the new Cupra 280.

Tij-Power Seat Leon 5F Cupra
Tij-Power Seat Leon 5F Cupra

This project car represents their current take on the ultimate Cupra, with several choice upgrades making this a much more engaging prospect for track days.

The stock suspension is replaced with a set of KW coilovers that work with the Cupra’s Dynamic Chassis Control, although in this case the differences between Comfort, Sport and Cupra are more obvious than in the standard car. Cupra mode is described as ‘uncompromising’ and is very much aimed at track fun.

Connected to the axles are a set of lightweight OZ Super Turismo LM wheels with 19-inch diameter. They may look the part but Tij-Power actually recommends a smaller 18-inch diameter for track work, with semi-slick tyres fitted to both axles.

The new exhaust system is said to be quiet at light loads (slow speed and motorway driving) but as soon as the throttle valve is fully open, the Leon takes on a fantastic roar. The new 76mm tubing starts at the turbocharger with hand welded pipes and mufflers.

Elsewhere under the bonnet sits a new Forge intercooler, and Tij-Power have reprogrammed the ECU to release more power. The result is 375PS and 489 Nm, a big step up from the standard Cupra’s 280PS and 350Nm. Top speed jumps up from 155mph to 181mph (no times are quoted for the 60mph sprint) but if that’s not enough for you there are plans to produce a 450PS version.

Prices for the upgrades are €2,699.00 for the new exhaust, €1,699.00 for the catalyst, €2,299.00 for the KW chassis upgrade, €2,149.00 for the OZ wheels, €1,049.00 for the Forge intercooler and €999.00 for the chip tuning.

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