Plod Gets Mountuned

by | May 15, 2009 | Ford, Tuners | 0 comments

In the fight against crime the Police need quick cars, so it’s something of a glowing recommendation when a Police force approaches a tuning company to tweak their cars. That’s exactly what happened to Mountune when Warwickshire Police came knocking on their door.

Police Mountune Focus ST

The Midlands-based force run a number of Ford Focus STs as part of their pursuit fleet, but decided they needed to give them some extra grunt to give their officers more of an edge. Mountune seemed an obvious choice as their ST260 upgrade kit gives the Focus ST a healthy boost, has been proven reliable with its TUV approval and also keeps the Ford warranty intact.

The Mountune ST260 upgrade increases power from 225PS to 260PS  but it was the 400Nm of torque that most attracted the boys in blue:

“We’ve been very excited about the Mountune Performance modifications. The car is now more responsive and with the benefit of the improved torque the officers engaged in response and pursuit situations have more options available to them. Response driving is stressful and inherently hazardous but with the improved performance that the Mountune Performance modification has offered it’s reduced the overall risk to the officers, and therefore the public.” – Sergeant Andrew Rawson, Warwickshire Police

The first of the force’s Focus STs has been upgraded and more are expected to follow.

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