Trailer For Top Gear Xmas Specials

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Get ready to set your video because we are going to get not one, but two Top Gear Christmas specials.

First off we have another American road trip, with the TG crew heading to New York in some of the latest supercars. Clarkson is driving a Mercedes SLS AMG, Hammond is in the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and May has picked the sublime Ferrari 458. Cue another ‘serious’ film to satisfy the conditions on their Visa applications.

Top Gear Three Wise Men

Next we have a seasonal road trip as the boys attempt to recreate the route taken by the Three Wise Men. Except that they’re not using camels, they’re using second hand convertibles instead. I won’t ruin the fun too much, but highlights include a scream-inducing trip in a Russian transport plane, a trip across Iraq including a race down one of Saddam’s runways, and a sneak across the Syrian desert that doesn’t go quite to plan.

The New York special is being broadcast on BBC2 on the 21st December at 8pm, while The Three Wise Men will be on Boxing Day at 8pm.

Enjoy the trailer, and remember – set the video! Oh, and keep an eye out for the next series of Top Gear in the New Year.

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