New Top Gear Books Coming Soon

by | Jul 12, 2010 | Books | 0 comments

It seems slightly early for the Top Gear Merchandising Machine to be releasing any new books – I’d have thought they’d have hung on until nearer Christmas – but that’s exactly what they’re doing ready for this autumn.

Top Gear Where's Stig?

First up there’s a sequel to last year’s Where’s Stig? called Where’s Stig: The World Tour. The new book sees Stig clocking up the air miles as he hides himself away in such exotic locations as Bondi Beach, Rio, Bolivia, the Alps and Monte Carlo. It’s due out on 30th September and is available to pre-order with 20% off from Amazon.

The last book was surprisingly good fun and while I enjoyed looking for Stig & Co. (including the infamous testicle-eating honey badger) the book also provided an unexpected service – it can keep small children very quiet for long periods of time, as demonstrated by my four-year old son who will quite happily sit and look for Stig for hours.

Other Top Gear books due soon include the 2011 Top Gear Official Annual (expect to see it in book stores in January for £1), as well as Top Gear: 100 Fastest Cars and The Big Book of Top Gear 2011.

If the Top Gear books are already coming out then that means we can’t be far from the usual batch of books and DVDs from Clarkson, May and Hammond. After all, they’ve got to earn a living somehow.

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