Cows Flee As Golf Gets Free Leather

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Volkswagen are in a generous mood at the moment and have decided to offer leather upholstery as a free upgrade on all Golf GT, GTI, GTD or R models.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

The black ‘Vienna’ leather trim was previously available as a £1,890 option. Now it can be yours for nothing and not only do you get a smooth hide covering for the Golf’s interior but both the driver and front passenger get heated seats with an electrically operated lumbar support.

Volkswagen aren’t just giving away free leather. No, they’re also throwing in free Bluetooth preparation on the GTD, GTI and R models, while on the GT its cost is reduced from £255 to £140. The Bluetooth facility allows the Golf’s radio/entertainment system to talk to your phone, giving you the chance to access a number of your phone’s features using either the radio buttons or the wheel-mounted controls.

While the Golf holds its value very well its high retail prices can sometimes scare off potential buyers, so increasing the perceived value will definitely help on the showroom floor. The Volkswagen Golf GT is available from £21,310, the GTD comes in at £24,635, the GTI a little more at £25,305 and the range-topping R model is £31,420.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Leather

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