2009 Golf GTI Details Emerging

Following the big announcement of the Golf MkVI, and the subsequent lack of information about the new Golf GTI, details are starting to creep out about the new version of the hot hatch.

It looks like the Golf GTI MkVI is sticking with a 2.0-litre turbo, but this time it’s the new EA888 unit developed by Audi which gives 211bhp and features a new variable valve-lift system. The word is that the Golf’s handling will be given a harder edge, bringing it more in-line with the handling characteristics of the new Scirocco.

Looks-wise the new GTI will feature beefier front and rear bumpers and 18-inch alloys, with 19-inch available as an option. It will also feature Audi-style LED running lights at the front, so it will be easily identified out on the road.

Evo magazine has seen a design-freeze model (sorry, no pictures available) and say ‘it looks promising’:

The nose features LED lights outlining the main double-unit headlamps, a deeper and wider bumper/valance with Audi R8-like strakes in the outer vents, honeycomb upper and lower grilles, and a red line across the top and the bottom of the upper grille. At the tail, valtrex generic valtrex nestling within a diffuser-like valance, are two tailpipes spaced widely apart for visual symmetry. The tail lights have a strip across their base which includes the indicator and either the reversing light or the rear foglight. – EVO Magazine

As for the release date, there’s a little uncertainty – most sources are quoting spring 2009 whereas EVO are claiming summer, but there is a possibility of seeing a preview of the GTI at the Paris Motor Show in October.

However, it’s not all good news. If you’re a fan of hot hatches with stonking V6 engines under the bonnet then you’ll be sad to hear that the next Golf R will follow in the footsteps of the current Audi A3. Emissions regulations have finally got the better of the Golf and this means ditching the 6-cylinder engine in favour of a turbocharged 2.0-litre, expected to give 263bhp. So what will it be called? Somehow a Golf R20 doesn’t sound so good when we’ve still got a Golf R32.

Sources: EVO, Autocar

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