2009 SEAT Ibiza Cupra Caught Testing

The fourth generation of the SEAT Ibiza hatchback is shaping up nicely, and the 3-door Cupra versions are looking to be even better than ever.

SEAT Ibiza SportCoupe

SEAT Ibiza SportCoupeDue in 2009, the SEAT Ibiza Cupra will feature styling very close to that of the Bocanegra concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. Development versions of the car have now been seen on the roads wearing the usual gaffer-tape disguise, but it’s clear that the styling cues are there from the concept.

The 3-door version of the Ibiza even has a different name, and will be known as the SC, or SportCoupé. Sitting 17mm lower than the standard 5-door, the SportCoupé is identical in shape up to the C-pillar, at which point the side panels sweep up to meet the rear window. While not hugely buy valium 10 mg different to the 5-door it does give the car a sportier profile.

SEAT Bocanegra ConceptThe Cupra version will build on the standard 3-door by using a new engine, a twin-turbo four cylinder 1.4-litre unit capable of around 180bhp. This will replace the existing 1.8-litre unit, an engine that seems to have been in the VAG range since medieval times, and will offer improved economy and emissions without sacrificing performance. The Cupra will also be getting the new seven-speed DSG transmission to enhance performance even further.

Expect to hear more details about the Ibiza Cupra in November, when it will make its first public appearance at the Paris Motor Show. It should then hit the showrooms early next year.

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