Subaru Impreza Spec-C Type RA-R – Farewell, old friend

So it’s finally time to say goodbye. It’s been a long and happy relationship but times are changing, we’ve grown up and its time to part. So, farewell Impreza old chum, its been great knowing you!

Subaru Impreza Spec C Type RA-R

Engine:Flat-four, turbo, 1994cc
Max Power:[email protected]
Max Torque:330lb [email protected]
Top Speed:157mph (limited)
0-60mph:4.0 seconds

But don’t despair, as Subaru have seen fit to give the Impreza saloon a fitting send off in the shape of the Spec-C Type RA-R. Only 350 will be made and they’re intended for the Japanese domestic market, but you may be able to track one down at a good importer.

So what’s so special about this final edition?  Well, Subaru Technica International have raided their parts bin and thrown all of the best bits into the Spec-C Type RA-R.  As the name suggests it contains the Spec-C kit, which includes lightweight boot, lightweight roof, lightweight windows, as well as additional oil coolers.  On top of that they’ve also added STi suspension that sits 15mm lower than the standard Impreza, an underbody suspension brace from Yamaha, and a front lip spoiler that results in 30% less lift at speed.
The 2-litre flat four in the RA-R has been blueprinted and balanced, given an STi turbo intake and Spec-C twin-scroll turbo with larger compressor. This means power is up to 320bhp and torque is up to 318 lb-ft, but when remapped for UK fuel you can expect 345bhp and 330 lb-ft of torque.

Visual changes are kept to a minimum, with just the front spoiler and a roof vane being added, although the car does come with 18″ white-painted STi wheels.  Colours are limited to yellow, pure white and rally blue mica. My choice – go for white!

This really is a fitting tribute to the saloon Impreza that’s been knocking around since 1994.  Of course, the Impreza name is to carry on with a new hatchback shape, even though the designers have seen to give the new car a sound thrashing with the ugly stick.

If you can get your hands on a Spec-C Type RA-R then grab the opportunity with both hands, this car is bound to be a future classic.Subaru Impreza Spec C Type RA-R

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