Fiesta ST Flying Out Of Showrooms

Ford dealers are enjoying a good run on the new Fiesta ST. Since prices were announced they’ve taken over 1,000 orders, with over 90% choosing the more expensive but better specified ST2.

Ford Fiesta ST

Ford’s Fiesta ST is proving to be a big hit

In case you’ve forgotten, the entry level Fiesta ST easily beats the competition on price thanks to a  of £16,995 and it isn’t short on standard kit either. It also helps that it’s an absolute belter to drive, as I discovered in the mountains around Nice on the launch.

So, if you are thinking of buying a Fiesta ST, here’s a word of advice. Pick the ST2, because with 90% take-up you don’t want to be stuck with a base ST that no-one on the second-hand keppra levetiracetam online pharmacy market is interested in.

The Fiesta isn’t the only fast Ford that’s flying out of the showrooms. The Focus ST is proving to be popular with over 3,000 sales so far. Ford are claiming that over three in five new medium hot hatches in the UK is a Focus ST, and that it’s outselling the Volkswagen Golf GTI more than two to one. Helped in no small way by the fact that it’s more powerful and undercuts the German’s price by over £3,000.

That’s good news for Ford but the high numbers of ST-badged Fiestas and Focuses could also be great news for hot hatch buyers looking for a bargain in a couple of years.

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Author: Chris Auty

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