JMS Restyle The Ford Focus

German tuners JMS Racelook have been working on a pair of bodykits for the Ford Focus, following its 2008 facelift. Now they have a pair of kits, one for the standard Focus and one for the Focus ST.

In the pictures, the silver car is a standard Focus fitted with a new front spoiler lip, side skirts and a rear apron. It also has a new 4-pipe Stoffler Autotechnik 4-Pipe high-grade steel exhaust system.

The white car is a Focus ST fitted with a front spoiler lip and rear apron with diffuser. The exhaust has been upgraded with Stoffler Autotechnik Duplex system that is said to liberate another 5-8bhp from the ST’s 2.5-litre 5-cylinder engine.

The ST also has some RS-inspired decoration on the front wings, available in black or carbon-effect. These can also be fitted to the standard Focus, although in my eyes that’s buy levitra without a prescription stretching things a bit far. It’s like sticking V6 badges on the back when you’ve only got the standard 4-cylinders under the bonnet i.e. lame!

Both cars are fitted with H&R springs (181 euros) that lower the front by 40mm and the rear by 35mm. The wheels are Tomason TN6 8.5×19 wheels wrapped in 225/35 tyres and are available for 1599 euros.

The Ford Focus Facelift Aerodynamic Package consists of :

  • Front spoiler lip (249 euro)
  • Side skirts (299 euro)
  • Rear apron (299 euro)
  • Stoffler Autotechnik 4-pipe high-grade steel exhaust system (970 euro)

The Ford Focus ST Facelift Aerodynamic Package includes:

  • Front spoiler lip (249 euro)
  • Rear apron with diffuser (299 euro)
  • Wing design corners in Focus RS style, available in carbon or black (149,00 euro)
  • Stoffler Autotechnik Duplex high-grade steel exhaust system (+5-8 HP) with tips 1×100mm (1079.00 euro)

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Author: Chris Auty

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  1. Ford Focus RS is the most lustworthy European hot hatch forbidden to us Yanks…

  2. Yes, but on the bright side you should be getting the next version of the Focus ST.

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