Stig Morse Code – Episode 2

After the first lot of Stig Morse code on last week’s Top Gear, the translations are already out for the second episode in the new series.

This time the Stig was driving the funky little Abarth 500. The first encoded message we heard translates to “I VOTED ROSS PEROT”, a reference to an American politician who fell out of the recent presidential race at an early stage.

The second is much simpler and more amusing – “ME SMELL CATS”. It doesn’t suggest what the Stig would like to do with the cats were he to get his hands on them.

There was more Stig Morse code in episode 5!

Top Gear Stig Clock

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Author: Chris Auty

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  1. Actually, I had a good laugh, as the reference is to a presidential race, but back in 1992. H Ross Perot was the first independant presidential candidate with a real chance in god knows how many years.

    He ran on a platform of financial accountability and opposition to foreign policing that we were into. It’s funny that an unthinking driving machine would have voted for neither of the political party(emotional) candidates.

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