Video:All In A Day’s Work For An Audi Driver

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Everyone’s heard of the Le Mans 24 Hour race, right? It’s probably the best known race on the motorsport calendar, and race fans and teams alike are getting ready for this year’s event that starts at 3pm on 12th June.

Audi R18

One of the most successful teams of recent history has been Audi, with their LMP class cars proving to be almost unbeatable. This year they’re introducing their third new LMP car in as many years in an attempt to stay ahead of rivals Peugeot, and they’ll be hoping that the new R18 TDI will be able to withstand the punishment of 24 hours around La Sarthe.

But what of the drivers? What does a 3 and a half hour stint in a Le Mans prototype do to their bodies? Let Alan McNish explain what they go through in this very slick promo from Audi.

One thing’s for sure … if Audi are going to the trouble of producing great promos like this, they are very, very serious about reaching the finishing line first on Monday 13th.

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