Quick Cleaning Guide

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It may not be possible to own a supercar; yet driving something easy on the eyes is well within your reach. If you are a car lover there’s no point selecting the perfect vehicle and then letting its beauty go unnoticed thanks to dirty rims, windows and a garbage strewn interior. Frequent and speedy cleaning is crucial – this guide, and a handy pressure washer, will help your car look as good as it should.

Car Pressure Washer

First of all do not cut corners by using washing liquid to clean the exterior of your car – this can strip off wax and leave permanent marks. Look to buy a car shampoo that will be gentle on your paint job and help bring out a good shine: Valet Pro, Dodo Juice and Chemical Guys all have excellent products which will do the trick.

Using a pressure washer is a very easy way to clean your car. Yet make sure you don’t turn it up too high as this can also endanger your paint job. Ensure that you wash your car gently; otherwise you will end up defeating the purpose of the whole exercise.

Finally, don’t forget about your interior as driving is a lot less fun in a filthy environment. To make this easy consider getting a handheld vacuum that will let you get through the whole exercise in mere minutes.

If you follow these steps you should be able to keep your car spick and span – this will ensure that driving is a fun experience, even if you don’t own a Ferrari.

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